10 Power Words to Get What You Want

I got this from Stephen Covey’s The 8th Habit audiobook which I was listening to this morning. It’s a great book by a great man. Every time I re-listen to it, I unearth more gems of wisdom.

You don’t have to use many words to persuade people to give you what you want. “People often see through superficial, ‘kind’ techniques and know when they are being manipulated,” Covey said. He suggested with the sincere use of the following 4 expressions (total of only 10 words) as a consistent habit, you can practically have your way in many circumstances with people. So, here are the 10 Power Words:

One word – “Please.”

Two words –  “Thank you.”

Three words – “I love you.”

Four words – “How may I help?”


Which of these 4 expressions have you use yesterday or today?


Where to Buy E-Books? I’m Giving Out Free Audio Book And Other Freebies!

To follow up on my previous post on e-books, here are my favorite sites where I’d normally purchase them.

where to buy e-books

eReader.com was the first site that I bought my e-books when I was still using a Palm device. Being a Barnes & Noble company, their ereader software can also be used on devices running Windows, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Linux platform. You only need to buy the books once and you can read the same title from any device.

Beside the interoperability, they also offer credit points each time you make a purchase. The credit points act like rebates to deduct from future purchases. Every now and them, they offer huge discounts and seasonal clearances. You can always hunt for many free or cheap ebooks under “Free ebooks” and “Cheap ebooks” categories found at their site.

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An Idea a Day…

Feed your mind fuel your life“Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” ~Jim Rohn

We all could use some ideas…great ideas…to spark us into our best creative self; to get ahead in our jobs, to kickstart new innovative businesses, to build important relationships to blossom, to break some die-hard habits, to write or paint masterpieces, to earn to become multi-millionaires, to excel in sports, to succeed in many endeavors, to achieve our dreams and enjoy our life to the full.


Your Brilliant Mind = Your Brilliant Life

We all heard of the classical quote mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body). I also believe that a brilliant mind can make a brilliant life.

What do I mean by ‘brilliant’?


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