The Power of Identity (Part 2) – What’s Your Story?

In Part 1, I wrote about the story of the sheep-lion who experienced a profound paradigm shift after he discovered who he really was. A paradigm shift is like exchanging an old, outdated map for a new, accurate one. It’s like a sudden “revelation”, and finally the fogginess disappears and the blur turns into clarity for you.

Have you discovered who you are? How would you redefine your self-identity and rewrite your story to get to where you want to go?

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Do You Have Someone to Give You “The Push”?

I came across this inspiring video sometime last year which moved me. It’s based on the book Even Eagles Need A Push by David McNally. I was reading into the role of coaching when I found this.

Feed your mind with this video and enjoy the lesson.

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Do You Suffer From Insomnia?

Have you ever spent hours in bed staring at the ceiling and the clock wondering if you were ever going to fall asleep? Most people have and for some, it’s a way of life. Not a very good way, but a way none the less.

Sleep is something we all need. Lack of sleep is one of the most common issues more and more of us face these days. With busy schedules, overwhelming stress and life in general, it’s easy to see why insomnia is a big problem for so many people.

With all the commercials on TV advertising their sleep medications, I started wondering if there was a better way for curing insomnia. I mean, who wants to spend all that money to take a bunch of pills just so you can get to sleep at night? I suppose they have their purpose, but if someone’s just having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, there should be a better answer than going to get a prescription.


How to sleep better?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

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10 Power Words to Get What You Want

I got this from Stephen Covey’s The 8th Habit audiobook which I was listening to this morning. It’s a great book by a great man. Every time I re-listen to it, I unearth more gems of wisdom.

You don’t have to use many words to persuade people to give you what you want. “People often see through superficial, ‘kind’ techniques and know when they are being manipulated,” Covey said. He suggested with the sincere use of the following 4 expressions (total of only 10 words) as a consistent habit, you can practically have your way in many circumstances with people. So, here are the 10 Power Words:

One word – “Please.”

Two words –  “Thank you.”

Three words – “I love you.”

Four words – “How may I help?”


Which of these 4 expressions have you use yesterday or today?


How to Develop Magical Confidence – Secrets of a Magician (Maxim #5)

Finally, the last Maxim on ‘How to Develop Magical Confidence – Secrets of a Magician’. Hope it has been a useful series for my readers. Feed your mind with the final idea.


Maxim 5 – Be Prepared

There are always people in your life that you need to impress: your bosses, colleagues, clients, prospects, friends, family members, even strangers. The question is this: At what price would you pay to really make an impression on them? To what end would you go to make your “performances” work to win your audience?

The best magicians would go to whatever extreme end to win their audience over.  Advance preparation is the key. Sometimes the preparation takes place within the first couple of minutes of their tricks while they were casually chatting to their audience. The audience thinks they are just warming up, but in actual fact, the magicians are performing the most crucial parts of the show during that key couple of minutes. It’s called misdirection. Also, many times, preparation can take days, months or even years of careful planning. Magician Michael Webber said that you should be so far in advance ahead of the game that the audience doesn’t know that a game is being played!

In Maxim #4, I wrote about Practicing Your Outs, which is also a type of advance preparation. And there are more.


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