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Dear Faithful FMFL Readers,

Firstly, I want to apologize for not blogging here more frequently. Last year, I embarked on a new journey which has been very rewarding and life-changing for me. I took up a professional certification on coaching and before the end of 2012, I graduated as a full-fledged Certified Professional Coach.

At the same time when I went for the certification, I started another website/blog to journal my coaching journey. Now after a year, it has more than 60 posts, a FREE report and a Facebook Page.

Coaching Journey

In personal development, I’m a strong believer and advocate of coaching – it is a very powerful way to move forward to accomplish fulfilling goals – both professional and personal ones. More than goals achievement, coaching is a vehicle for personal transformation and moves a person intrinsically to propel forward.

My Coaching Journey website (CJ for short) tagline is ‘Transporting You Toward Your Best Self’. To help you get acquainted to it quickly, here are 7 essential and useful introductory posts:

1) Traveling Your Inner Journey – A recent post on how I explain coaching in layman terms.

2) What Is Coaching? – One of the first posts I wrote in CJ, a more comprehensive explanation on coaching.

3) Benefits Of Coaching – The post title is pretty much self-explanatory.

4) How Is Coaching Different From Therapy? – This was my No.1 most read post in 2012 in all of CJ. It compares the traditional prescriptive approach of therapy with coaching

5) The Inner Game – Coaching is an inside job. The Inner Game talks about the intrinsic nature of your motivation and challenges.

6) The GROW Model – The GROW Model is the most widely known coaching model that anyone can use. This is the first of four parts to the GROW Model series. One of my top favorite posts in CJ.

7) How Coaching Works – Don’t have time to read all the posts above? This is a clever 4-minute video clip that brilliantly illustrates how coaching works.

There are many more useful posts in CJ and like I said, these 7 are just a start. I hope that you find plenty of inspiration and ideas to help you move forward in life. Don’t forget to connect with CJ at the Facebook Page and/or follow its tweets.

If you’re wondering what will happen to FMFL, this blog will still be around. This site still attracts many visitors from everywhere across the globe, who find useful information here. FMFL is not going anywhere for the moment.

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