Are You Living In Your Strengths?

One of the most invaluable discoveries you can ever find out about yourself is your strengths. If you’re truly able to answer “What are my strengths?”, you’re on your way to fulfilment and satisfaction in work and life.

Two years ago, I came across the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book which was also a ‘strengths’ assessment system. The key take away of the book is this: Your talents are enduring and unique, and your greatest potential for growth is in the area of your greatest strength.

Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to think first of identifying our weaknesses. For example, parents usually point out the areas in the report card where their children need to improve. All self-improvement books focus on improving our weak spots.


Flexing my strengths

Clifton’s StrengthsFinder is based on a simple yet powerful thesis. The best way to get ahead in your career and be satisfied in your job is to focus on developing your strengths. No matter how hard you try, you really can’t improve your weaknesses. You are wasting time and energy trying to do so. The best thing you can do is discover your strengths and then find a role that allows you to use them.

The StrengthsFinder research identified and listed down 34 strength themes. They also developed an online strengths assessment that identified your five top strengths. Here are my top 5 (in sequence) when I did it then:

Input – Inquisitive; like to collect things; Find many things interesting.

Learner – Love to learn as well as the process of learning; Energized by journey from ignorance to competence; Might take classes such as yoga or piano.

Intellection – Like to think; like mental exercise; Introspective; may spend time alone thinking of questions and coming up with possible answers.

Context – look at past to understand present; Like to understand backgrounds on people and ideas.

Connectedness – Believe things happen for a reason; Believe everything is connected in some larger sense; Considerate, caring and sensitive; Faith in something greater.


Interestingly, I found the key to their earlier 1.0 version (slightly different) and did the assessment, and here’s the result:

Intellection (see description above)

Connectedness (see description above)

Individualization – Don’t like generalizations about people since everyone is different; Recognize people’s unique qualities and strengths; Good at building teams.

Maximizer – Like to take something good and make it great. Don’t like taking something bad and making it good; fascinated by strengths – your own and others; Focus on strengths.

Relator – Like to spend time with people you know; Selective with relationships since you would rather deepen your existing relationships than create superficial new ones.


Well generally, the first time the assessment is done should provide a more accurate feedback. Anyway I find both assessments very useful and a couple of strength themes re-occured, namely Intellection and Connectedness. I find that the StrengthsFinder is very useful to find out where are my strength zones which I can operate in and excel.

As I begin this new year, I looked at my customized Strengths report once again and is reminded where my ‘sweetspot’ is and to strategize accordingly to enjoy fulfilment and satisfaction at work, relationship and life.

Do you want to do the StrengthFinders assessment to discover your top 5 strength themes? Click here to find out.

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