9 Powerful Questions To Get What You Want

Here are 9 (and a bonus) powerful, coaching questions you can use in your journey of personal development to get what you want in any area of your life:


1. What do you want?

Nothing is more important and straightforward than this fundamental question. What do you want in your life? Many adults whom I’ve asked this question often take a long time on this. However, they have no problem telling me what they do not want through many life experiences and pains they’ve gone through. On the other hand, when this question is presented to little children, their face would instantly beamed up and they do not hesitate to make known what they want, loud and clear, and repeatedly. Unlike grown ups, their clarity are not dulled by past disappointments and failures.

By looking at the wheel of life, identify and write down what do you want in each area of your life. You can choose one obvious area for improvement, for a start. If you do not know, ask yourself this “What if I do know? What if I have childlike faith, what do I want?”


2. What is important to you about this?

Let’s say you chose the area of health for the first question, and you want to lose 23 pounds and look fabulous naked. Ask yourself why is this important to you? Is there a compelling reason that drives you? What are the underlying values? What’s your motivation?


3. How will you know when you’ve got what you want?

How do you know when you’ve reached your goal? If your goal can be quantified like losing a certain number of pounds or gaining X amount of money, than it can easily be measured. Some goals, however, are less objective, like in relationships or spiritual pursuits. If you’re clear on what is it that you truly want, you should be able to describe it in great detail.


4. What is getting in the way?

So, what is stopping you from getting what you want? If nothing is in the way, you would already have what you want. Is your obstacle internal, external or a mixture of both? In the popular The Inner Game series, Timothy Gallwey taught that the most important game that we play takes place on the inside, and there are two voices going on inside our head. Once the self-critical voice is silenced and the volume dial of the authentic voice is turned up, you can get out of your own way to win the game that really matters. Inevitably, the results will follow in the external game.


5. What resources have you got that can support you?

This could be in the form of money, materials or moral support, encouragement and impartations from people that matters. In addition, you can also use a coach to help you get unstuck into the flow of abundance. Is there any nurturing person in your life? Where can you find one, or two?


6. When you accomplish your goal and look back on your success, what will you experience?

Using all your five senses, imagine what does getting what you want feels like? What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it smell and taste like? Let the experience be as real as possible. Internalize it. This will engrave the clarity of your goal into your mind. Visualize it frequently to remind yourself as though you’re already there. This will inspire you in your journey.


7. What is the question that you don’t want to ask yourself right now?

What is the one thing that you’re trying to avoid? What is it that you fear? Give it a name. Write it down. Shed some light into that dark corner you’ve been avoiding. A named fear is often less terrifying than an unknown, whether it is real or imaginary. It’s more useful to be able to deal with what you do know.


8. What is the way to make this really easy?

Easy is the key word here. What if it’s truly easy, what would you do to get what you want? How would you do it? List down the steps. Let it be easier than what you think before. Let it be faster. Let it be more effortless. Give yourself permission to let it be easy.


9. What is the first step?

You may have set yourself a mountain-sized goal. It may appear to be daunting and too steep a climb. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, what is the one thing you can immediately take action on? This week? Today? Right now?


And here’s a bonus question (hey, I’m giving you more than 9)….

10. And what else?

Do not underestimate this bonus question. After identifying what is the easy way and the first step, asking what else can really get the ball rolling and inspire you to take massive steps that really kickstart your new journey of achievement. You can do so much more than you think!

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