The Power of Identity (Part 2) – What’s Your Story?

In Part 1, I wrote about the story of the sheep-lion who experienced a profound paradigm shift after he discovered who he really was. A paradigm shift is like exchanging an old, outdated map for a new, accurate one. It’s like a sudden “revelation”, and finally the fogginess disappears and the blur turns into clarity for you.

Have you discovered who you are? How would you redefine your self-identity and rewrite your story to get to where you want to go?

Who Are You, Really? What’s Your Story?

How do you see yourself ? Who do you think you are? Can you face the truth of who really are? It’ll be useful if you can carve out some quiet time to be by yourself and do the following exercise. Write down in a journal or notebook the story of your personal life. How would you portray your character in it? What kind of genre would your life story be labeled? Comedy, romance, action, inspirational, tragedy, thriller?

Next, you’ve gotta ask yourself: “Is the story of myself true?” Are you who you really think you are? And then ask: “Why am I telling this story?”

In a profound, life-changing book,¬†The Power of Story: Rewrite Your Destiny in Business and in Life, author Jim Loehr wrote that the most important story that you can ever tell is the one you tell to yourself. Your story is your creation of reality; indeed, your story matters more than what actually happens. After all, you’re not just the author of your story but also its mains character, the hero. Heroes are never ordinary. What label would you give the story of your life, the most important story you will ever tell? More important than the “facts” of any life story is the meaning we attribute to the facts. By taking control of your story, you must be ready to rewrite it, rewrite it, and rewrite it over and over again.


Your New Story: Your New You

Your new story is your blueprint for the future. It exists for you to chart new pathways for energy to flow in all those areas of your life you want to change. Your new story must be consumed by purpose. It should be inspirational for you when you read it. It must move you powerfully; move you emotionally and compel you to take massive actions.

Let me share an example of how I gradually changed my identity by taking a series of actions. Many years ago when I was breaking into a Chess school team for the first time, I was immediately roped in to help other new team mates as an assistant team leader. I helped to schedule team training and guided them in formulating personal and team strategies. A month before that, I was having doubts of my place in the team and wasn’t confident of myself as a chess player. As I take on this new role , it made me feel like an expert and a leader. By the time the first competition got underway, I was all confident and excited. The series of actions of my new role gradually reinforced my new identity as a formidable chess competitor and team leader. Of course, it really helped to be guided under the wings of a great mentor. Eventually, I took over from my mentor as the overall team leader and that cemented my new identity. Naturally my competency as a chess player increased immensely.

Rewrite your new story with courage and conviction. And then ask yourself “What steps can I take every day to make my desired new story come true?”

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