Do You Often Wonder What Others Think Of You?

Quite some time ago, I posted this quote on my Facebook status which got many of my friends talking and commenting:

“When you’re 18, you worry what others think about you. When you’re 40, you don’t give a darn what others think about you. When you’re 60, you realize that nobody has been thinking about you at all”. ~ Daniel Amen

I learned of this 18/40/60 rule from one of Jack Canfield’s audio programs. It brought a few chuckles just by thinking about the quote, but hey, it’s probably true! Do you realize how many times you’ve wasted precious time thinking about the opinions of our parents, partners, friends and colleagues when surprise, surprise, they’ve also been busy thinking about what you think of them all these while!

Oh, really??

The point is we should quit basing our decisions upon the opinions and judgments of others. If what others think of us are requirements to be successful, perhaps we’ll never achieve much in this life. Our self-concept shouldn’t be dependent on external opinions.

Opinions and judgments are so varied among different people, and they change all the time anyway. It’s pointless to sort whose opinions are more important than whose. It’s so much better to shut out all thoughts of that, and stop fighting with the ‘fathoms’ in our minds. It’s more useful to focus and channel all our energy and time on who we think we are and how we can achieve our most important goals. Your self-esteem, self-image and personal power should not be determined by what others think about you, or lack of.

One interesting comment from my friends in Facebook was “What about the 30s, since many of us young adults are in our 30s?” I thought about it for a while and replied “People in their 30s will probably pass by that decade too fast and too busy to take notice, think and reflect about all these”. And they replied that’s probably true as well!


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