Unexpected Problems = Unscheduled Practice

We all face adversities in life we do not expect, “accidents” that throw us off our track. We can choose to view them as obstacles that prevent us from getting what we want or we can choose to ‘reframe’ and view them quite differently.

In the film Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne deliberately got himself thrown into a prison to fight criminals behind locked doors. There were many quotable lines in the film, but there’s one part I really liked that inspired me immensely.


Bruce Wayne in Prison

Man (whispers to Bruce): They are going to fight you.

Bruce: Again?

Man: Until they kill you.

Bruce: Can they kill me before breakfast?

Big man: You are in hell, little man. And I am the devil.

Bruce: You are not the devil. You’re practice.

(Bruce fights with men)


Guard (while carrying Bruce away): Solitary!

Bruce: Why?

Guard: For protection.

Bruce: I don’t need protection.

Guard: Protection for them (men groaning in pain).

We face many adversities in life. Some are real and perhaps many are imaginary. We may give them too much credit and power, viewing them as big as “devils”. They often catch us off-guard, especially at times we least expect them to show up. Instead of surrendering to the circumstances and feel victimized, we can choose to perceive them as unscheduled “practices”. Let them be workouts that test and stretch your “muscles”. Let them bring out the best in you, and draw out your inner resources to overcome them.

This is a good place to add another of my favorite Jim Rohn quote. Actually this is from his mentor, Mr Shoaff to him.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

Ask yourself this fit questions: “What will it make of me to be able to overcome my adversities and adversaries?” “How can I let them to make me stronger, better and wiser”  Let them lead you to a fitter mind and fitter life!


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  4. Heh. I stumbled across this page, looking for my usual batman begins quotes, to reflect a couple of points similar to my life. Instead of just the usual one-liners I borrow, I actually got some very wise & useful advice, and improvements I can apply.

    Thank-you for sharing. You’ve helped improve me & my life.

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