Choosing the Path of Personal Power (Part 2)

‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.’ ~ Viktor E. Frankl

The above quote by Viktor Frankl is one of my all-time favorite and best describe what Personal Power means. I had to read it several times to fully digest its meaning when I first read it years ago.

In yesterday’s post, I defined Personal Power as the ability to choose and act. Everyday in our lives, we’re bombarded by tons of stimulus that trigger our habitual actions. Many times we react automatically to those stimulus without consciously choosing our response or choice of actions.

power to choose

Space = Power to Choose


Your Space = Your Personal Power to Choose

Let’s picture a scenario for example. You’re busy working and in deep concentration at the computer when the phone rings (stimulus) beside your desk . Your usual automatic habitual action (reaction) would be to feel frustrated of being interrupted in the middle of work, instantly turn your body and reach over for the phone to answer the call. What if when the stimulus happens, you pause to choose your action (response). ¬†You could choose not to answer, or to wait for a few ringing tones before answering it. And you could also choose what and how you want to feel about it. There is nothing you can do about the stimulus (phone ring) which is outside your control, but you can choose to do what about it, when and how. You’re totally in control and in charge of your response. Between the phone starting to ring (stimulus) and your action (response), there is a window of opportunity (space) which belongs to you. Pause and be aware of YOUR space. Take your time and think. Then make the CHOICE that only you can make. This is your Personal Power.

You could probably recall many instances when you had instantly reacted and experienced certain emotions like anger for example, which were triggered by certain stimulus that irritated you. You need not be a slave to the circumstances but to master your inner self by taking the time to pause and to choose your response. From now onwards, make it a habit to be aware of situations like these. Awareness of stimulus and your right to choose is the first and most important step in reclaiming your personal power.

Many people who ‘fail’ in life tend to sink into the victim’s mentality and feel powerless over what life dishes out to them. They tend to fret and frown over unfavorable things beyond their control, not realizing they have a space between what happens and how they want the events to affect them, and choose their responses and actions. They relinquish their right of personal power to circumstances and often choose to blame others for what happens to them. This is a great waste and a tragedy.

On the other hand, there are many success stories of how men and women have overcome all odds and adversities in life, who chose to exercise their personal power and designed their lives according to their desired outcomes. They knew what they want and used the 4-Step Success Formula to overcome life obstacles to get to where they want to go.

In my next post, I’ll write on a few inspiring, famous stories of how individuals had claimed their personal power to triumph in life trials.


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