Choosing the Path of Personal Power (Part 1)

To walk a thorny road, you may cover its every inch with leather. Or you can make sandals.

The above is an ancient Indian parable of a man who wants to walk across the land, only to discover that the earth is covered with thorns.

He has two options: one is to pave the road and to tame all of nature into compliance. The other is to make sandals, which is the internal solution. Which is better or easier? Which is the empowering choice? The answer is not based on a submissive world or overpowering force, but on intelligent preparation, cultivated resilience and inner resourcefulness. The latter choice is the path to empowerment, your Personal Power.

Path to Personal Power

Two Choices


Life Isn’t Fair

How we progress successfully in the journey life does not depend on what happens to us, but on our decisions that we choose in response to what happens. Circumstances shouldn’t dictate our destination, but how we choose to steer accordingly.

Since when is life ever fair anyway? “Life isn’t fair” is one of the most disempowering thoughts that you can have. Do not dwell on what you don’t have, but choose to focus on what is within your sphere of control, your inner resourcefulness and personal power.


Definition of Personal Power

For me, Personal Power is best defined as the ability to choose and act. Personal power is not about having power or influence over other people or things outside your control. But you have the power on yourself and your choices. At any moment, you have the power to choose your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. I will continue on this on my next post.

Remember this: nobody can make your life work for you. Nobody can choose the right options for your life. Only you can make it work for you. A fit mind recognizes its own personal power. Your personal power belongs to you alone.








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