How to Sleep and Rest Well Every Night

Sometimes we take rest and sleep for granted. A good night of rest is more important to our overall well-being and energy recovery than we realize. Our body and mind are not meant to function 24/7.

The right amount of quality sleep is absolutely essential. This is the time when your body heals, replenishes, cleanses, repairs and renew itself. Neglect enough sleep and soon your body and mind will get exhausted and give you lots of trouble.

Here are 10 effective tips on how to ensure a good night of sleep every night.


Sleep better


10 Tips to Sleep Better

  1. Have a nice warm bath followed by a relaxing body massage before retiring at night.
  2. Have a hot foot bath which draws away the blood from your mind to let it rest. This will also soothe a lot of nerve points located at the foot.
  3. Drink a glass of warm milk or cocoa.
  4. Ensure plenty of fresh air in your bedroom to ease your deep breathing. Open up the windows or use a good air purifier.
  5. Avoid watching the television and doing computer work at least two hours before sleeping, as they promote low-level of stress to your mind.
  6. Drink a cup of hot chamomile tea before sleeping.
  7. Have a routine of regular exercise in your lifestyle. Your body needs to spend the energy during the day, and renew them at night.
  8. Do the alternate nostril breathing exercise. Close your right nostril with your thumb and breathe deep and slowly through the left nostril. Do this four times. Alternate with the left nostril and take four slow and deep breaths. This completes a cycle. Repeat for another 2 or 3 cycles until you feel deep relaxation.
  9. Avoid high protein meal, especially too close to sleeping time. Amino Acids from protein will cause your brain to go into an alert state. It’s useful for daytime when you’re working, not when you’re trying to enter into the sleeping state.
  10. Do not use your bed for reading, working or watching the television. Only go to bed for sleeping. This will condition your mind to automatically go into sleep mode every time you touch the bed. If for some reasons you just can’t sleep on certain nights, get up and leave your bed to do something else. Engage in any activity and get back on bed only when you’re ready to sleep.

A healthy lifestyle of good rest and sleep will ensure a fit mind to live a fit life.


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