How to Develop Magical Confidence – Secrets of a Magician (Maxim #5)

Finally, the last Maxim on ‘How to Develop Magical Confidence – Secrets of a Magician’. Hope it has been a useful series for my readers. Feed your mind with the final idea.


Maxim 5 – Be Prepared

There are always people in your life that you need to impress: your bosses, colleagues, clients, prospects, friends, family members, even strangers. The question is this: At what price would you pay to really make an impression on them? To what end would you go to make your “performances” work to win your audience?

The best magicians would go to whatever extreme end to win their audience over.  Advance preparation is the key. Sometimes the preparation takes place within the first couple of minutes of their tricks while they were casually chatting to their audience. The audience thinks they are just warming up, but in actual fact, the magicians are performing the most crucial parts of the show during that key couple of minutes. It’s called misdirection. Also, many times, preparation can take days, months or even years of careful planning. Magician Michael Webber said that you should be so far in advance ahead of the game that the audience doesn’t know that a game is being played!

In Maxim #4, I wrote about Practicing Your Outs, which is also a type of advance preparation. And there are more.


Knowing Your Audience

Preparation boils down to knowing your audience in advance. In the age of Information, there’s no excuse to research on the employers who are interviewing you, the prospects you’re targeting for sales appointment, or even the girl you’re trying to go out with. Probably that’s why Google is the No.1 tool that people all around the world use daily.

Knowledge is power. Knowing the person before engaging gives you the edge in winning him over. For example, it pays to know the prospect you’re meeting for a sales presentation. Find out as much as possible about him. By knowing your prospect’s likes, dislikes and preferences, you’ll know where’s the target to focus your ammunition. Arming yourself with knowledge of him also means you don’t have to build rapport from nothing. It’s always easier to speak to someone you’re already familiar with. Instead of meeting a cold stranger, it’ll be like meeting an old friend. It helps your confidence even before you engage them in conversation.

Consider the professional sportsmen who study video recordings of their rivals to develop their game plan and strategies. It’s hard enough to compete with a formidable opponent, it’s even harder if you don’t know where they like to hit from. And it’s even tougher to fight an invisible foe. A well-prepared research covers multiple layers and angles. It will shed light on your opponent’s style of playing, his strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge can determine losing or winning even before the kick off.


Knowing Your Terrain

A well-prepared performer will always survey the place and stage that he will perform in. If practicing on the actual stage is not possible, he has to at least take a look of the place and run through a mental rehearsal in his mind. A singer or musician must at least test the sound system in the place. A dancer must at least walk through and feel the length and width of the stage.

The performer should know what an actual performance looks, sounds, and feels like in his mind. This will eliminate the anxiety of uncertainty and empowers him with confidence, knowing what the terrain of his battlefield is like.


Be Proactive

Great advance preparation is about being proactive instead of reactive. Reactive means you do nothing and wait to react to whatever happens next. Proactive means you anticipate what’s going to happen and are prepared to respond accordingly. Even better, proactive means you can choose to decide what happens and how. So, arm yourself with the proactive mindset of advance preparation.

Remember this, people will expect you to at least do the minimum amount of preparation. Why not surprise them by doing a whole lot more? Why not over-deliver and delight your audience? Instead of making a sale, why not create raving fans?


Summary of the 5 Maxims of Magic

There you go, I’ve stated the 5 Maxims from Steve Cohen’s book Win the Crowd and my personal ideas on how to use them. Actually, this is only the first chapter of the amazing book. Go ahead and get the book to read the rest of it. I’m sure you’ll come up with many of your own fit ideas!

To recap, here’s a summary:

Maxim #1: Be Bold

Maxim #2: Expect Success

Maxim #3: Don’t state – Suggest

Maxim #4: Practice, practice, practice

Maxim #5: Be Prepared


I hope that this series has been useful to feed your mind to help you build magical confidence and develop a fit mind to excel in whatever arena you choose to perform in.

Go win your crowd. Go for it!


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