How to Develop Magical Confidence – Secrets of a Magician (Maxim #2)

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post. So, here’s the second secret.


Maxim Two:  Expect Success

When a pro magician performs a trick, he knows it’s surely going to work. He’d practiced it countless of times that he’s so confident showing it to others. What people normally would not realize is, that there are several possible endings to a trick. He’d plan for multiple scenarios and different endings so that he’s flexible to changes in case things go wrong, or certain secrets were accidentally exposed. Any bump or obstacle can be used as part of the show with an alternative ending. But the audience, of course, only sees one ending, and they’d thought that’s the only possible ending. They’d never know how the trick is supposed to end.

The concept of “knowing the endings” and taking charge of them, gives great confidence to magicians. They can always expect a positive outcome no matter what happens during the show and how the audience responds.

It’s the goal of the magicians, then, to begin their performances with the expectation to succeed no matter what. They way to do this is to think ahead for every possible desirable outcomes.


Spontaneous Resourcefulness

Sometimes, even after extensive preparation, unexpected things do happen which you’re not prepared for. What do you do?

“Spontaneous resourcefulness” is a term that suggests that you stay in the moment and design a solution on the fly.  Since you’ve started with the expectation to succeed no matter what, your mind is geared towards figuring out creative solutions. There you can draw on your inner resources based on your experiences (similar incidents), instincts and creativity to resort to an ending which you may have never planned. Sometimes the new outcome is surprisingly better than anything you could have anticipated.

How do you apply spontaneous resourcefulness? The key, again is to be very well prepared in advance. For example, in preparing for an interview, you may not be able to figure out answers for all the infinite possible questions. But you can prepare your core messages, so you can control the flow of the outcomes. If you’re caught with a tricky question, and you may not know the most correct answer, you can steer your answer towards one of your multiple core messages. Stand firm on your core messages, and you’ll never be flustered.

Writing down the various possible outcomes in a notebook can really help to organize your thoughts. This simple preparation is empowering because first of all, it clarifies your important points to yourself. And the act of writing down itself helps you to focus and remember better. If during the interview, your mind suddenly blanks out on you, you know that there’s your notebook to fall back on. You can glance at your core messages and you’ll instantly be back in the game.

There you go. Remember to expect success in every encounter you’re engaged in.

Watch out for Maxim #3 tomorrow.


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