The Formula to Reach Your Maximum Potential

Nature vs Nurture?

We all have heard of the age-old nature vs. nurture debate, and how our human potential is derived. Those on the nature camp would say that it’s our inborn talent and genetics that determine our success in life. The nurture camp would advocate on the right upbringing and environment that would strongly influence our chances of success.

So, who is right?

I read this ‘formula’ from one of Brian Tracy’s books some years ago, which challenges the old nature vs nurture paradigm and turn it on its head. I thought I’d share this with my blog readers.


The Maximum Human Potential Formula

IHP = (IA x AA) x A

IHP stands for Individual Human Potential.

IA stands for Inborn Attributes. These are what we are born with, our raw material, who we are, our DNA and genetics. That also includes our personality and temperament.

AA stands for Acquired Attributes. These are the abilities, skills, experiences, knowledge that we learn and develop as we grow throughout our lives.

The next letter A, stands for Attitude. This is the mental energy that we bring to bear on our combinations of inborn and acquired attributes.

IA, our natural talents and abilities, are largely fixed at birth as our genetic heritage. There’s nothing much we can do to change or add to them.

We can add to our AA by reading, attending courses and seminars, gain from experiences and observations. Many competencies can be gained and mastered but would require slow, deliberate discipline, and much effort over periods of time. In other words, this is where we channel our natural talents through education and experience.

A, our Attitude, is the only wild card in the equation here. It is also the life-changing variable here. Unlike IA which is fixed, or AA which varies over long period of time, A can be boosted up instantaneously, at will, at any time we choose. And the best thing is: it is limitless, we determine its quantity and quality. It is the vital factor that multiplies who we are and what we have, to determine our outcome, which is also limitless!

You see, even an average Joe with average IA and AA can quickly boost up his performance and output if he has lots and lots of positive mental energy that drives his performance into top gear.

Earl Nightingale said “attitude is the most important word in the language”. Someone else said “attitude determines the altitude you can fly”!

Our attitude is our approach to life, our angle of attack. A good attitude is generally cheerful, optimistic and gives us lots of positive energy. We feel we have options and choices in life, we are in control. This is where we greet life circumstances and problems with bountiful of inner resourcefulness and joy.

It all boils down to our choices, how we choose to perceive things, what we decide to do about them. We can choose to focus our energy not on constants that we cannot change and those that are out of our control, but on the variables that we can change, which will determine our outcome and destiny.

Attitude is the key ingredient of a fit mind that determines your fit life.

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